Interview With Bryan Waring



Age: 28

Weight: 175lbs

Height: 5’11”

What got you started in the fitness lifestyle?

I’ve always been very Active and Athletic. I guess what got me started was when I started modeling. I wanted those nice crisp abs that made the ladies go Crazy every time you took your shirt off lol. My journey began when I went to Miami one year for Spring Break. I knew I was lean but I wanted to gain some muscle. So I spent countless hours in the gym lifting heavy and attempting to eat everything in site because I did know in order to grow you have to consume lots of calories.

Where does your motivation come from?

The motivation comes from me seeing others motivated and inspired from what im able to do and accomplish. The thank-you’s I receive, and the daily questions I answer all does my heart good, because I know there are others out there who are willing to put in the work to be Fit and Healthy. What keeps me moving forward is my goal of becoming an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitor and competing in the Crossfit games someday.  I’m a very competitive guy and hate to lose, so every day I step into the gym or my Crossfit Box, I truly give it my all.



Have you competed in any fitness competitions?

Yes I have I’ve been competing in the NPC Men’s Physique Division since the Fall of 2011. I’m 3 weeks out from my next competition which is Jr. USA May 18th 2013 in Charleston SC. Hopefully this will be an opportunity that I showcase my physique to become an IFBB Pro.

What are your next goals?

My future goals are to open up my own Training and Fitness Studio, becoming signed with a modeling agency, competing in the Crossfit Games and eventually stepping on stage with already IFBB  Men’s Physique Pros.

What is your training routine like?

My training routine changes frequently, I never want my body to plateau and stop changing. I sometimes do split body part days and sometimes I train one body part once a week allowing that body part more and adequate rest. My reps range between 8-12 and my sets range  from 4 to sometimes 10 even more. Sometimes I go heavy, very rarely other times I keep it intense with short rest periods. I always start off with the part of my body I feel needs more work or is lacking. I indulge in superset routines, Giant Sets, Rest-Pause Routines, Drop Sets and Sets until Failure. Every time I step in the gym I never know what I’m going to do first it just kind of comes to me. Favorite body part to hit, I would have to say Shoulders. The wider your shoulders are the smaller your waist will appear. Favorite shoulder exercise dumbbell lateral raises. I train my lateral heads in many different directions so I get that full roundness on the outside.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles to get where you are today?

My biggest obstacle I ever and I feel I will ever have to face is MYSELF. Knowing that I could have done this better and that I can continuously sculpt a better physique, challenges me each and every day.

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What’s your preferred form of cardio?

My preferred form of Cardio that I enjoy the most I would have to say CROSSFIT training. I do Crossfit 6 times a week at Crossfit Versatile. I absolutely love the Rush, the intensity the pain, me beating everyone’s time keeps me begging for more every day. Other forms of cardio I partake are Fasted Cardio on the Stairmaster or arc trainer for 30 minutes to an hour or HIIT Cardio which I will only do for 20-30 minutes.  When I want to shed some weight I just stick with HIIT or longer cardio sessions.

What does your diet consist of?

My diet consists of very lean proteins, carbs and Fats. Nutrition is the most important part of a Physique Transformation. My thoughts if you have no plans to eat wisely and healthy don’t workout. Eating Healthy should become a LIFESTYLE, it shouldn’t just be a hobby. I honestly don’t have a favorite meal or recipe, I’m very simple when it comes to Meal Preparation. Supplements I usually stick with a pre workout, a good whey protein, Creatine, fish oil and multivitamin.

Do you bulk/cut or stay lean all year?

I stay Lean Year round.  I really don’t believe in bulking I believe in gaining lean dense muscle which sticks to you. Bulking you tend to gain unwanted weight and you just shed it all off when you’re ready to lean down.


Do you listen to music while working out?

Music is the heart of my Workouts. I stay TURNT UP when I’m lifting or doing cardio lol. Music sometimes gives me a boost of energy to get that 1 more REP. I listen to pretty much any and everything to keep me going but right now I’m listening to Meek Mills, Rick Ross, Drake or Future.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud that I can transform bodies daily and keep others motivated so they can accomplish their Ultimate Physiques.


Are there any athletes, fitness models or bodybuilders that inspire you?

I would have to say Bodybuilder Frank Zane, Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath, Iffbb Men’s Physique Pro Michael Anderson and Steve Cook.

Any tips for readers who want to get a physique like yours?

I would say Set a goal, stick to that goal. Become dedicated and stay consistent, eat healthy and PUNISH YOUR WEAKNESSESS.

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