Kayla Rose Interviews with Ripped Recipes




Age: 19

Weight: 130lbs

Height: 5’6″

What got you started in the fitness lifestyle?

I can say I have always been a fan of fitness and staying active. I have grown up in a healthy environment, with  my parents as examples to show me the ropes to eating clean and staying busy.  It was then my choice to either live by those guidelines or steer away, and fall into bad habits like the majority of the population today. Exercise keeps me sane!

Where does your motivation come from?

In my opinion, training for a certain goal makes it a bit easier not to cheat, to stay strict and stay on track.(like when training for an NPC Bikini Competition) So, to maintain motivation before and after,  I keep at it for the sake of my health. Prevention is key, and by starting these healthy habits young, I hope to sustain my longevity. Exercise acts as my happy pill, it prevents me from feeling depressed rather than popping a prescription. Eating clean simply makes me feel  more alive, and energetic, as opposed to eating junk food I feel sluggish and down. Not to mention eating clean has cleared my acne and any sort of sickness!



What are your next goals?

I will be competing in the Miss California Pageant 2014, and am currently looking for sponsors for that! My sash will be representing LCNM; LCNM stands for LeanCleanN’Mean with the motto I live by daily, which is, “To Live Lean, You Gotta Eat Clean, and Train Mean! . My charity in the Pageant is to  represent  the fight against obesity and decreasing  childhood obesity  in America.  I also have a passion to end obesity across the lifetime span, which is a main contributor to many chronic health issues in general. I believe that habits are developed young, so if we could develop a healthy diet and lifestyle at a young age, ultimately we could vastly change our society to a healthier and more active America in future generations to come!

What is your training routine like?

I will do at least 30-60 min fasted AM cardio upon waking, depending on the day!

I will hit the gym 6 days a week, usually Sundays I take off. I always base my days and which muscles groups to work on how my body feels, and if one muscle group is too sore, I listen and work around it by switching days! I will take glutamine though to help speed up the muscle recovery so I can get back in the gym quicker! (;


Monday- Quads, Calves

Tuesday- chest, tris

Wednesday- Back, bi’s

Thursday- shoulders, traps

Friday- glutes, hammies

Saturday- abs, forearms, calves.. (the little things lol)

Sunday- chillax


My rep scheme is simple, I will do 4 sets of each exercise and my goal rep is up to 15, or until failure.

ABSABSABS, oh I love working them abs, it feels the best to me. It varies though, one week I will be totally pumped and ready to kill legs, when other weeks I am ready to work shoulders. I love it all, some just more than others at times!

Have you had to overcome any obstacles to get where you are today?

Oh don’t we all! There will always be obstacles, but success is determined by how you handle your setbacks! There will always be those days where you seem to be in a phunk, feeling down in the dumps and feel there’s no way to find motivation. You just have to stay strong and push through these, knowing that this too shall pass. You don’t have to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you have the faith, and never stop believing, it will come.

I have a double spine curve, scoliosis, which I let get in the way for a little bit there, but realized the only person that was stopping me was myself! Exercise and Yoga have been the biggest contributor to help keep my back pain under control! You can always work around things if you just modify. Listen to your body, don’t compare yourself with what others are doing, and just do your own thing.



What’s your preferred form of cardio?

I honestly am not to fond of cardio, but it’s gotta be done! Lol Like I stated in my workout regimen, I will perform cardio 5-6 days a week upon waking. So AM fasted cardio, interval style, but not too intense. The body burns fat a lower heart rate when performing fasted cardio, so instead of taking a run, I would speed walk or lightly jog. I also have a bike and a treadmill, so I will check emails or watch tv to keep my mind from going crazy. I get bored real quick, these always help the time fly by.

What does your diet consist of?

Oh how important the diet aspect is! 80% diet, 20% gym! (; I could talk for days about nutrition so I’ll keep it basic. Everyone’s body is so unique that it takes a lot of trial and error to find what diet and caloric intake works for an individual. To be honest, when I want to spice things up in my diet, Ripped Recipes is my go to site! It’s an honor to be interviewed from them!!

I recently found out I am Celiac, so I had to go gluten free, which was hard at first, but easy to adapt! I am also lactose intolerant, even proteins that claim to be “lactose free” I can’t handle like Isopure. So either I stick to real food (never anything packaged or processed) or I will have a plant protein.

So on that note, my diet consists of a healthy balance, every 2-3 hours I will eat a meal with lean protein (chicken, tilapia, egg whites, etc.) complex carbs. (I can only have quinoa, brown rice, and yams), 8 grams of healthy fat (avocado, nuts, seeds) and of course some veggies!

When training for my competition, all fruits and all fats were cut, as well as my carbs, only oats in the morning. Which is not a way to live, your brain can’t function properly, not to mention your energy level is at 0! (oh and now I substitute quinioa for oats because of the gluten in oats Lol)

I cook with coconut oil, not any of that non-stick spray.

My vitamin & supplement intake consists of: Multi-Vit., Vitamin C, BCAA’s, CLA, L-Glutamine, Resveratrol, Glucosamine & Chrondrotin, Collagen. The list used to be huge, but has cut as time has gone by.

Do you bulk/cut or stay lean all year?

As a girl, I don’t feel like we should really have a huge “bulking” season. There is a lot of controversy on whether you can lean bulk. It can, and has been done. I did it when training for my competition, and I’d much rather do it that way. Lean bulk just takes longer, so it requires more patience, but it is worth when it comes time to shed that extra body fat; you’ll have to bust ass if you have had a long bulk season!


Do you listen to music while working out?

Hell yea, music is what makes the workout! A good dubstep, or electronic song is always my go to, but anything with a beat that’s uplifting and gets my blood flowing, I will listen to it.

What are you most proud of?

My biggest attribute is the shape my body and mindset I am currently in, using my fitness modeling and other avenues to represent living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am proud that through all the temptation and sabotage, I was able to stay true to my beliefs and have the self-discipline to withstand it all. I hope others see it, and can find it within themselves to do it as well, because we all can do whatever we set our mind to!


Are there any athletes, fitness models or bodybuilders that inspire you?

Bella Falconi is who got me started in really being serious with my diet and lifting heavier. Kai Greene’s youtube video is what helped me find that “mind muscle connection.”

All of the people I follow on Instagram help to motivate me daily, keep me on track, and have been the biggest support group that I am so grateful to have! Thanks fitfam!

Any tips for readers who want to get a physique like yours?

Well, a lot of the questions covered what I do to attain a certain body. It is pretty basic, eat clean, train hard, sleep, drink tons of water, etc. Diet is the main factor, you can’t out train a bad diet. Go to the gym 5-6 days a week, really push yourself every rep! And of course having control of your mind for will power, self-discipline, dedication, persistency, and so on, without having that control, this lifestyle may be hard to sustain. Remember we are all human, and we are not perfect, we all have “off-days,” so don’t be too hard on yourself! Take baby steps. (:

Anything Else?

To live lean, you gotta Eat Clean, and Train Mean. (; Life is a game, you just have to play it right. Once you conquer your mind you can conquer your body…and anything else you set your mind to. Remember that living this lifestyle can be hard at times, especially with the environment we live in currently that makes it easier to access junk vs healthy food, and a constant reminder with commercials, fast food joints on every corner, and so on. Just stay strong, fight the temptation and don’t give up! If it were easy, everyone would do it!

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